Denny Laine, former Moody Blues and Wings guitarist, has passed away


Denny Laine, musician, songwriter, frontman of Moody Blues, and guitarist of Wings (Paul McCartney’s band) has passed away. The British musician died on Tuesday at the age of 79 in Florida.

Denny Laine, who sang one of the memorable hits of the sixties, Go Now and co-wrote several Wings songs, suffered from lung disease in recent years. His condition took a turn for the worse this year, the news of his death was published by his wife, Elizabeth Hines, wrote.

Along with the McCartneys, Laine was the only permanent member of Wings and played on all of the band’s albums in the 1970s. He co-wrote songs such as No Words and Mull of Kintyre, the biggest-selling non-charity single in the UK to date.

He co-wrote Time to Hide, which appeared on Wings’ 1976 album Wings at the Speed of Sound, and Laine also wrote Again and Again and Again, the latter of which appeared on 1979’s Back featured on the CD to the Egg. After the breakup of Wings, in the early eighties, he contributed to Paul McCartney’s solo album Tug of War and Pipes of Peace.

I have many fond memories of my time with Denny: from the early days when The Beatles toured with the Moody Blues. Our two bands had a lot of respect for each other and a lot of fun together. Denny joined Wings at the outset. He was an outstanding vocalist and guitar player. His most famous performance is probably ‘Go Now’ an old Bessie Banks song which he would sing brilliantly. He and I wrote some songs together the most successful being ‘Mull of Kintyre’ which was a big hit in the Seventies. We had drifted apart but in recent years managed to reestablish our friendship and share memories of our times together

– posted Paul McCartney on his social media page.

As he recalled, the biggest success of the songs they wrote together was Mull of Kintyre, which was a big hit in the seventies. He went on to say that although they drifted apart after Wings, they managed to restore their friendship in recent years and reminisce about the old days together.

Denny was a great talent with a fine sense of humour and was always ready to help other people.

Denny Laine made a total of twelve solo albums from the first half of the seventies, the last one was The Blue Musician, released in 2008.


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