Welcome Dinner by ESN Debrecen

National Party Zone

ESN Debrecen Team would like to invite all the new Exchange Students to an official Welcome Dinner, where you will have the chance to taste traditional Hungarian cuisine, learn Hungarian folk dance and of course you can meet all the new students and have fun.Date: Friday (14th of September) 7:00 pm

Venue: Main building (1. Egyetem squre)

Program: Welcome Dinner organized by ESN Debrecen to foreign students. The event will take place at 7:00 pm on the 14th of September in the AULA, II. floor of the Main Building.

Dress code: casual elegant

As they need to know how many of you they can count on, the organizers would like to ask you to register in the following link:

Deadline for the registration is the 10th of September 23:59.

Until 9:00 pm, the event is private, organized exclusively for the exchange students from the following programmes: Erasmus+ Studies, Erasmus+ Traineeship, Makovecz Program (Ukraine, Romania), ICM Studies (Georgia), Bilateral Exchange (Slovakia, USA, South Korea, Mexico), ELTE-EMMI. After 9:00 pm, everyone is welcome at the party.


Stuffed Cabbage (made from turkey + Vegetarian version )

Rétes (Strudel-with three types of fillings)

In case you are gluten or lactose intolerant or have any other kind of food allergy, please feel free to bring food for yourself.

After the official party the organizers are planning to continue the night in the city center at the semester opening welcome party and have fun together.

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