Parties for the weekend, 29-30 November

Party Zone

29 November, Friday

SeVeN: Sweet-sweet dreams with Field

Egoist BarClub: Wannabe – Best of ‘90s & ‘00s

Roncsbár: Brains concert

Incognito Club: The Wax Road concert

Tabu Debrecen: Black Friday – 50% for every shots! – William

Hello Pub: Karaoke Party with DJ Sunny

Nagyerdei Víztorony: Dopeman concert


30 November, Saturday

SeVeN: Three Years – Maci, William, Field, Thomas Knauer

Egoist BarClub: Hedge Hair Fashion Show After Party – Németi, Jay Kid, DJ Smith, Nigel Stately

Roncsbár: Brains concert, Debrece’N’Bass

Incognito Club: Semper Idem

Tabu Debrecen: Renaissance Tabu

Hello Pub: Hello Music Night


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