Summary for 28 July


The police caught twelve people and took another fourteen to various police stations in Hajdú-Bihar County on 28 July.

There was one traffic accident that resulted in minor injuries.

A drunken man caused traffic accident on 35. Út, towards Józsa on the evening of the day before yesterday. The perpetrator was drunk-riding his bicycle and he did not use any lamps. He bumped into a woman who was also riding a bicycle. The woman fell off and suffered minor injuries. The 41 year old man was taken to the police station.

A 38 year old foreign woman was caught stealing several electronic devices from a store in Debrecen. She was taken to the police station and a procedure was initiated against her on reasonable suspicion of theft.

Two women, 20 and 16 year old, were caught stealing corn from a farm near Biharnagybajom. The owner noticed them and then called the police. They were taken to the police station and procedures were initiated against them on reasonable suspicion of theft.


Hajdú-Bihar Central Police Station


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