Several kilograms of fish carcasses were found thrown into a field in Hajdú-Bihar


A large number of fish carcasses were found in an agricultural area in Hajdú-Bihar, and police in Berettyóújfalu interrogated the owner of a fishpond as a suspect in the case, the county police headquarters said on Monday.

The investigation revealed that the dead animals could have been taken there from a nearby lake, they wrote. Police interrogated the owner of the lake, who immediately admitted that he had transported hundreds of kilograms of fish to the scene. The animals were probably killed due to the lack of oxygen, and the 40-year-old thought he would collect all the dead fish first and only then notify the authorities.

According to the investigation, the disposed animal waste could have endangered human life, physical integrity, health, land, water, air or its components, and living organisms. Police have launched an investigation into the man on suspicion of committing a crime against the waste management regime, they said.

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