The Senate of the University of Debrecen decided to establish a new research center


The Senate voted on the ranking of applications for vice-rectors, the establishment of a new research center, the launch of training, and the operational and business plan of the faculties and other organizational units at the April meeting of the Senate of the University of Debrecen.

The main points:

The organizational and operational rules of the institution have been amended. The basic tasks of the Rector’s Management continue to be performed by three Vice-Rectors – General, Education and Science – and oversee each sector: the Vice-Rector for Life Sciences, the Vice-Rector for Mobility and Automotive Training and the Deputy Rector. The Senate supported the applications of Károly Pető, Vice-Rector for General Affairs, Elek Bartha, Vice-Rector for Education, László Csernoch, Vice-Rector for Science, and Piroska Ailer, Vice-Rector for Mobility and Automotive Training. The vacancy will be announced later for the positions of Vice-Rector for Sector Development for Life Sciences and Vice-Rector for Sector Development for Agricultural and Food Sciences.

The board also supported the proposal that a higher managerial and managerial position at the university should not be given to a person receiving a pension in their own right.

The Senate has also decided to establish a Biodiversity, Climate Change and Water Management Coordination Research Center. In connection with the new institutional unit, Rector Zoltán Szilvássy said that it would be more than an institute of limnology in Eastern Hungary;

In memory of the recently deceased press chief of the University of Debrecen, the Press Office will continue its work as the Ildikó M. Tóth Press Center, as an independent service and administrative unit. The Press Award for the University of Debrecen will also commemorate the deceased press chief in the future. The Press Prize of the University of Debrecen M. Ildikó Tóth is awarded to a journalist working in the written or electronic press or to a press officer with a legal relationship with the university, who has developed commendable activities in the field of objective information about the university, promotion of the university and publication.

The members of the board also decided to award the title of honorary university professor and the Prize for Teacher Education of the University of Debrecen. The Senate approved the new Information Security Policy and Copying Policy of the institution, and amended the Internal Data Protection Policy, as the name of the Data Protection Center organizational unit was changed to GDPR Center.

The Senate supported the proposal to establish the Imre Pekár Doctoral School of Mechanical Sciences and to start doctoral training in the field of mechanical sciences. Following the amendment of the Code of Conduct, the Chancellor will also wear robes at key institutional ceremonies in the future.

Among educational matters, the board adopted 2022/2023. The establishment and launch of a number of new courses were voted on. Among other things, support was given to the proposal to establish undergraduate courses in veterinary engineering and precision agricultural engineering and to launch undergraduate courses in coaching, the proposal to start master’s degree programs in horticultural engineering in a dual form. It was decided to propose the establishment and launch of an in-service training course for the Animal Assistance Coordinator and the launch of an in-service training course for alternative dispute resolution, mediation lawyers, and the establishment of a biotechnology higher education course.

The Senate has agreed to a cooperation agreement with the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute, Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan. Regarding the proposal, Zoltán Szilvássy said that it was the first tangible result of the negotiations with the Government of Uzbekistan and Uzbek higher education institutions. The university leader recalled the visit of the Uzbek ambassador last week to discuss health research and development opportunities and knowledge transfer.

At its April meeting, the board decided on the 2022 operational and business plan for the faculties and other institutional units, and approved the agreement on dormitory fees for the 2022/2023 academic year.

At the end of the meeting, László Mátyus, Dean of the Faculty of General Medicine, announced that the HAC had supported the WFME (World Federation for Medical Education) accreditation of the general medicine training of the DE MSc.

The Student Self-Government provided scholarship support of HUF 80,000 per head to its Transcarpathian and Ukrainian students, and 256 of the 336 students involved applied to the HÖK, the DE Student and Doctoral Student reported.

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