The Body of Beáta Molnár Was Found – Her Former Teacher Might Have Killed Her


Two days ago, Maszol wrote that they were looking for a 30-year-old woman living in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) who had not been seen since last Saturday.


The young woman, Beáta Molnár, reportedly disappeared with her former university professor last Saturday. Two years ago, the man brutally abused his ex-girlfriend and other women. According to the available information, the body of Beáta Molnár was found on Wednesday in the area of ​​an abandoned gas station near Borod and Cornițel. Police have already confirmed the news to the Romanian newspaper in Cluj-Napoca. According to preliminary information, it is currently considered most likely that the woman may have been killed by Ferenc Bóné, 43, in the midst of an outburst of rage, who then wrapped the body in several garbage bags and left it in an abandoned place.

According to the Index, Bóné’s mobile phone was found during a house search of her apartment, on the basis of which they could not be tracked, the authorities did not rule out the possibility that the man had fled to Hungary and was trying to hide here. Maszol, meanwhile, has posted a photo of the alleged perpetrator, asking anyone who has information about the man’s whereabouts to report it to 112. Beáta Molnár was an employee of the Department of Social Organization of the DAHR, and the party’s representatives reacted to her news on Facebook. As they wrote it: “We have been shocked by the tragic death of Beáta Molnár for hours.”


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