“I am not a joke,” a foreigner scratched his partner’s car in Debrecen


Police in Debrecen arrested a foreign citizen on the spot who was suspected of damaging his ex-girlfriend’s car.

A woman reported to the police in the early evening of May 30, 2022, that her partner had taken her bag along with her wallet in a parking lot in Debrecen. Not long after, they agreed on the phone to meet and the man would return the bag. However, only the young woman’s car was found at the agreed location. He broke the car’s rearview mirror and the lights, and scratched on the trunk, “I am not a joke”.

The 22-year-old man was caught by police officers on the spot and then taken to the police station. The Nigerian citizen testified in detail during the interrogation of the suspect. He explained his actions with their turbulent relationship and breakup. As it turned out, he had been constantly harassing the victim with phone calls and messages for the past four months. He must also be held liable for theft, harassment, and damage to the car.



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