Too Much Energy Drink Might Have Caused the Death of a 14-Year-Old Boy in Hatvan


As we previously reported, a student died unexpectedly at Lajos Kossuth Primary School in Hatvan. According to the available information, the boy arrived at school in the morning and simply got sick a few minutes before eight o’clock, dropped out of the desk, and no longer responded to anything.

Ambulance was called to him immediately. According to the National Rescue Service, the resuscitation of the fourteen-year-old boy was started by those present at the scene, and the rescue units that arrived continued the intervention at an elevated level. They fought for the patient’s life for a long time, but unfortunately the boy could not be saved. The cause of death could be clarified by an expert investigation, the ambulance service confirmed.

Borsonline and Blikk have now written that no police action has been taken in the case, not even the closure of the area or the provision of a site. To the knowledge of the police, the child died a natural death, which was also stated by an on-site medical expert who established the death, so currently no administrative or criminal proceedings have been initiated in the case. If it turns out during the autopsy that the boy did not die because of his illness, the police will also be involved in the investigation.
According to Blikk, Máté, who lives in Hatvan, had several serious illnesses. According to one of his acquaintances in Hatvan, he was struggling with blood pressure and weight problems, and according to unconfirmed information, he also consumed an energy drink before he felt unwell.


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