A 54-year-old man was killed in Furta in Hajdú-Bihar county


A 54-year-old man was killed in Furta in Hajdú-Bihar county, the four-member group suspected of the murder was arrested by the police within 24 hours, the press service of the county police headquarters announced.

According to their statement, a man from Furta reported to the police on January 27 that he had not seen his neighbor for a day, but the front door of the house was open. The patrol officers who arrived at the scene found the 54-year-old owner dead in the hall of the property. The on-site inspection and the medical examination established that the man’s death was caused by alienation.

Within a few hours, the police tracked down a group of four people who could be linked to the crime. According to the investigation, the 48-, 28-, and 20-year-old men and their partner, a 31-year-old woman, wanted to steal their friend’s money.

The company went to the man’s home, where they first beat him. Then they searched the clothes and the entire apartment of the helpless man. They looted barely HUF 40,000 and then went home.

The police launched an investigation due to the well-founded suspicion of murder for profit and initiated the preliminary arrest of the suspects.



Photo: police.hu

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