A man was sentenced in Hajdú-Bihar county for harassing a woman by calling her a thousand times


The District Prosecutor’s Office of Püspökladany filed charges of harassment against the man who called and sent text messages to a woman almost a thousand times in a short period of time, writes debreceninap.hu.

According to the indictment, the accused and the victim lived together until the fall of 2021, but at that time the woman broke off the relationship with the man and moved away.

The accused could not accept the breakup, so between May 1 and June 1, 2022, he called the woman and sent her text messages 934 times on a daily basis from his mobile phone. He attempted to make contact 51 times through another Internet application between May 21 and June 9, 2022, and appeared at the victim’s residence several times against her express will.

The accused harassed the victim on a regular basis with regular phone calls, messages, and regular appearances at the woman’s place of residence, arbitrarily interfering in her daily life. The investigation in the case was conducted by the Püspökladany Police Department.

The Püspökladányi District Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against the defendant, who admitted to committing the crime, at the Püspökladányi District Court for the misdemeanor of harassment to the detriment of his ex-partner. In the indictment aimed at issuing a criminal sentence, the district prosecutor’s office proposed that the district court, based on the content of the documents, impose a fine on the defendant without conducting a trial.

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