A man pulled a knife in a pub in Debrecen because his music was turned off


Debrecen investigators, in cooperation with Hajdúhadháza criminal prosecutors, identified and interrogated the 55-year-old man as a suspect.

On the afternoon of June 3, 2023, a pub in Debrecen received a report that a man started fighting with three other guests, then took out a knife and threatened them. He injured the hand of one of his victims and then fled the scene.

The investigators in Debrecen immediately started looking for the perpetrator based on the personal description they received, and with the help of their colleagues from Hajdúhadháza, they identified the 55-year-old man within a few hours. He was found in his home, arrested and brought to the Debrecen Police Station.

According to the data of the investigation, the afternoon started with a drink together, and favorite hits were played one after the other on the pub’s jukebox. It was the suspect’s turn, but one of his companions wanted to listen to other music. The resident of Hajdúhadháza immediately drew a knife, saying “if you dare to put this on I will cut your throat”. The drinking buddies tried to take the blade from him, but the enraged man did not let go, injured the hand of one of them, and then fled the scene.

During the questioning of the suspect, he confessed, explaining his actions with his strong intoxication.

The investigators seized the knife and opened criminal proceedings for the crime of armed disorder.


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