The commander who wanted to force his subordinates to have sex with him was convicted in Debrecen


The military council of the Debrecen Court sentenced the ex-soldier who, as a commander, tried to persuade his subordinates to have sexual intercourse with him for a long time to three years in prison.

According to Dénes Dobó’s statement, the military council found the defendant guilty of two counts of attempted sexual coercion. The accused may be released on parole at the earliest on the day after two-thirds of the imposed prison sentence has been served. The sentence is not legally binding, the Debrecen Regional Investigative Prosecutor’s Office, as well as the accused and her lawyer, have filed an appeal against it.

According to the verdict, from January 2019, as a supervisor, the man repeatedly tried to get one of the victims to have sex with him, which the woman refused each time. After the refusal, the squadron commander began to criticize the victim’s work and said that he would continue to do so until the woman gave him permission.

After the victim refused to have sexual relations with the accused despite all this, the man tried to get the woman to comply with the request several times, with various threats that also affected her employment relationship.

During an exercise in May 2021 – and later several times – the soldier tried to get another of his subordinates to have sex with him, and after the victim refused, the captain criticized her work and threatened to remove her from the army.

The service relationship of the soldier was terminated after the criminal proceedings were ordered. The defendant had the right to have the last word, apologizing to everyone she may have offended, including her own family, the court’s spokesperson wrote.


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