Sensational and spectacular shots of the national swimming championship in Debrecen


Dalma Sebestyén provided the biggest sensation on Wednesday’s opening day of the national swimming championship in Debrecen, as she defeated the three-time Olympic champion Long Katinka in a 200-meter mixed battle.

The Győr rider, with her huge hair, not far behind his individual peak (2: 11.87), was just one century ahead of the world record holder and world champion, who is competing for only the second time since last year’s Tokyo Olympics.

The Olympic champion of the 200-meter butterfly, Kristóf Milák, proved to be faster than the national top holder Nándor Németh, who was the first Hungarian finalist in this number 57 years after the Tokyo Olympics.

16-year-old Nikolett Pádár triumphed with a new individual and age record of 54.85 seconds. This is six-tenths less than the A-level of the World Championship (54.25), but with this swim, she became the best B-level, so there is a good chance that she will be there at the event in the Danube Arena in two months.

Photo: MTI / Anikó Kovács

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