All the teams of the Debrecen Sports Center closed the Phoenix Cup with medals


It was a big factory at the Phoenix Arena, the Imre Hódos Event Hall, and the Sports Hall on Oláh Gábor Street over the weekend, as about three hundred young people entered the XIV Phoenix Cup handball tournament.

In the three-day tournament organized by the handball section of the Debrecen Sports Center-Sports School and the Hajdú-Bihar County Handball Association, the young people compared their skills in three age groups girls and two boys. The teams from DSC-SI performed excellently, the U13 girls were only seven meters behind (18-19) in the final against Angyalföld SI, who had once been defeated in the group matches. The U12 lads finished third, with Handball UP PLER triumphing in this age group.

In the same place, the DSC-SI, led by Rita Borók, pocketed the gold with the flawless scales, winning a 16-5 victory in the match against Kecskemét Sports School. The finals brought a great battle for the U14 ladies, the students of Beáta Haász-Brandt entered the field in the final against the Hódmezővásárhely LKC in the knowledge that they would fight back from the defeat they suffered in the group match. This was achieved to the greatest delight of the domestic audience (17-15), after which the girls celebrated selflessly. There was also a lot of happiness in our U14 boys’ team after the blow-off, the team of Ferenc Martinovics surpassed (16-15) the Angyalföld Sports School with a 100% index after an extremely sharp match.

Final result:


Girl U14

1. Debreceni SC-SI (Coach: Beáta Haász-Brandt)

2. Hódmezővásárhelyi LKC

3. Eszterházy Eger


Girl U13

1. Angyalföldi SI

2. Debreceni SC-SI (Coach: Ádám Bujárszki)

3. FTC


Girl U12

1. Debreceni SC-SI (Coach: Rita Borók)

2. Kecskeméti SI

3. Hódmezővásárhelyi LKC


Boy U14

1. Debreceni SC-SI (Coach: Ferenc Martinovics)

2. Angyalföldi SI

3. Kecskeméti SI


Boy U12

1. Kézilabda UP PLER


3. Debreceni SC-SI (Coach: Szabolcs Vida)

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