USA-Japan Basketball Game (FIBA U17 Women’s World Cup) Followed By Brief Meet & Greet With US Team


The FIBA U17 Women’s Basketball World Cup is currently under way in the city of Debrecen.


With both the Hungarian and the USA U17 basketball teams now in the top 8, the quarter-finals will take place on Friday (15th July).
Hungary is playing against Canada at 5:30 pm, followed by the USA against Japan from 8 pm. Both games will be in Főnix Arena right here in Debrecen, and entrance is free.
We would like to invite you to the games, and root for the Hungarian and then the US teams. Hopefully both teams make it to the semi-finals and then to the finals, and, who knows, there may also be a Hungary-USA game later down the line.
After the second game, there will be also be an opportunity for a brief meet & greet, as well as photo opportunities with the US team (please wear a mask for this part of the program). If you are interested in joining us, please email us at
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