New Coronavirus Variants Appeared in Hungary


In the big cities, the amount of genetic material of the coronavirus in the sewage has increased, but it is also stagnant in the countryside and has not decreased anywhere, the national chief medical officer announced on M1 on Thursday.

Cecília Müller said that just as in other parts of Europe, the number of infected people is increasing in Hungary week by week. At the same time, the BA2 type of the omicron variant is still mostly infected here, but the BA4, BA5 and X variants have also appeared in 4-5 percent, which have become dominant in Europe, she said, drawing attention to the fact that these its infectiousness is higher.

The national chief medical officer called it particularly important that those who notice symptoms, such as throat scratching and sneezing, contact their family doctor and not go out into the community, because it is easier to pass the infection on to others than in the previous variants. In the case of new variants, many people complain of headaches Cecília Müller pointed out. She also talked about the fact that the new variants “evade” the vaccinations to some extent, the vaccinated can also get infected, but they usually get over the disease more easily and do not end up in the hospital. Emphasizing the importance of vaccinations, she said that the fourth vaccination is recommended for the age group over 60 and chronic patients.

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