Turkish Symphonic Orchestra in Debrecen

Culture University

Hacettepe Symphonic Orchestra comes to Debrecen for the first time.

The symphonic orchestra comes from Ankara; it was formed in 1998 from the old boys of the Conservatory of Hacettepe University. The conductor of the orchestra is Burak Tüzün, associate professor of Hacettepe University, Ankara.

The concert will be held at the aula of University of Debrecen at 7 pm on 8 April.


L. Kuterdem: Two songs – It is Night Time Again, You and the Sky

Liszt Ferenc: Piano concerto in E-flat major No. 1.

L. v. Beethoven: VII. Symphony, A major, opus 92

With the participation of:

A. N. Nihan Turnagöl – mezzo soprano

Ilter Vurucu – piano


Burak Tüzün

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