Success at the Pneumobile Competition


43 groups competed on 17th May in Eger at the VII. International Aventics Pneumobile Race. Two teams from Debrecen were also taking part.

Two teams, Főnix and PuffAIR, represented the University of Debrecen at the pneumobile (cars powered by compressed air) race. Drivers and their cars competed in “distance”, “speed” and “skillfulness” category.

Similar to previous years, car builders from Debrecen were successful in this year’s competition, they were at the forefront in every category. The PuffAir team took the second prize in the skills’ competition, was ranked the fourth in the speed race and was the fifth at the distance race.

The Főnix team also showed excellent performance; in the skills’ competition they were the fourth, in the speed race they were the third, while in the distance category they got the first prize.


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