Popular Music Days on 18-20 May

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The Faculty of music of the University of Debrecen organizes its first Popular Music Days on 18-20 May. Android, Djabe and student bands will perform at the event.


The three-day program series begins with the concert of Android at the Liszt Hall of the Faculty of Music. The unique sound of Android combines elements of progressive rock, classic rock, folk music and classical music. Over the past ten years, the band released three studio albums.


The other performing band of Friday night will be the Djabe band, which was formed 23 years ago by Attila Égerházi.

Students of the Faculty of Music will also be introduced at the music days. On Saturday, two bands will present their favorite songs at the Liszt Hall.

On the last evening of the program series, on Sunday, a semester-closing gala concert will be given by students of the faculty.


Source: unideb.hu

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