Farewell Dinner on 12 December


Date: 12 December at 19.00-22.00

Venue: University of Debrecen


Dear Exchange Students!

The end of the semester is almost here, so let us invite you to the last event organised by ESN Debrecen for you!

You will have the chance to eat Hungarian dishes one more time with your friends who you met during this incredible semester! 🇭🇺

Join us one last time at our Farewell Dinner in the Main Building of the University and celebrate the end of your amazing journey together! 🎉

Dinner starts at 7:30 pm so do not be late! 😋

Dress code: casual elegant (something nice, not too formal) 👗👔

As we need to know how many of you we can count on, we would like to ask you to register below:

⚠️ Deadline for the registration is 9th of December 23:59. ⚠️

When you register to the dinner please also vote for the following categories:
– Ms Erasmus 👸
– Mr Erasmus 🤴
– Ms Sexiest Erasmus 👩
– Mr Sexiest Erasmus 👨
– Ms Funniest Erasmus 😅
– Mr Funniest Erasmus 😅
– Partyface Erasmus 😎
– Friendliest Erasmus 😍
– Best Hungarian Speaker! 😲🇭🇺
– Best Buddy 👌
– Best ESNer 🐭

And we kindly ask you to write a few words about your semester here! ✏️

!!! IMPORTANT NOTICE !!! Until 21:00 the event is private, organized exclusively for the exchange students from the following programmes: Erasmus+ Studies, Erasmus+ Traineeship, Makovecz Program (Ukraine, Romania), ICM Studies (Georgia), Bilateral Exchange (Slovakia, USA, South Korea, Mexico), ELTE-EMMI.

After 21:00 everyone is welcome! Thank you for your kind understanding. 😊

Hope to see you there!

ESN Debrecen Team

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