End of academic year at the Senior University of the University of Debrecen


This year, the Senior University closed its sixth academic year, which provides information about the scientific innovations of the institution to young students within the framework of the third mission of the University of Debrecen. On Friday, Professor Attila Bérczes, head of the Department of Algebra and Number Theory at the Institute of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Technology, gave a season-ending lecture entitled Mathematics in everyday life.

Those interested could get an insight into one of the special areas of mathematics, cryptology, i.e. the science of secret and protected communication from ancient times to the present day, when electronics define our lives in areas such as banking transactions, electronic commerce, and digital signatures, among others. or even the operation of online voting systems.

The goal of the program, which was launched six years ago in the joint organization of the UD Directorate General of Education and the Faculty of Humanities, has not changed over the years: it supports lifelong learning, and for the older age group, the events also provide the opportunity for social life in addition to gaining knowledge.

In a good sense, universities are also expected to fulfill the so-called third mission, i.e. that people meet with all the intellectual treasures that they have in the fields of science and culture, not only within the walls

– László Pósán said.

The professional leader of the Senior University emphasized that several methods of fulfilling the mission are successful in the institution.

Such is yoUDay, which is unique in the country, which appeals to all students, teachers and employees of the university, the Campus Festival with a national and even international outlook, for which the institution also provides the background necessary for the organization, the Science Café, which brings science outside the university outside its walls and those who are interested can hear various thematic presentations, and the Senior University fits into this line, which works just the other way around, as it welcomes the elderly from the city

– listed László Pósán.

The statistics of the last six academic years of the Senior University – 63 lectures, almost two thousand registered participants – show that the interest in the programs is unbroken.

In the first four academic years, the program was implemented with grant support in the framework of the project “Development of the University of Debrecen in order to jointly improve the quality and accessibility of higher education”, ID number EFOP-3.4.3-16-2016-00021. Since the institution considered it important to continue the successful series, it was able to continue in the last two academic years with university funding.

This year, in addition to scientific novelties, current events were also on the agenda: Mayor László Papp gave a presentation on the economic development and plans of the city of Debrecen, and retired Major General János Isaszegi analyzed the Russian-Ukrainian war situation. The organizers did not forget about the anniversaries either, academician Attila Zsoldos commemorated the 800th anniversary of the publication of Aranybulla, and the president of the Hungarian Teachers’ Association of the Carpathian Basin, Mihály Takaró, gave a lecture entitled Petőfi’s loves.

Of course, in addition to the high participation rate of students, there is no shortage of enterprising lecturers and the university’s scientific innovations, so we can be sure that the Senior University’s lecture series at the University of Debrecen will continue in the 2023/24 academic year.



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