New doctors graduated at the University of Debrecen


159 graduating students of the Faculty of Medicine took their medical oath on Saturday at a ceremony in the Dísudvara of the university. 90 Hungarian and 69 foreign medical students received their diplomas at the doctorate ceremony council meeting.

The dean of the Faculty of Medicine emphasized in his celebratory speech: that the graduates can be proud of the fact that they obtained their knowledge and medical degree at one of the largest and most prestigious universities and medical schools in the country, which also holds its own in European comparisons.

László Mátyus added: the University of Debrecen has always been characterized by stability and unbroken development, it has always been open to new ideas, but at the same time it has preserved the values of medical education and is ready for further development.

You have the modern knowledge material that allows you to meet the high expectations of doctors, and you have also proven yourself as a volunteer helper in connection with the epidemic, that you are worthy of the medical profession based not only on your professional preparation but also on the basis of your human attitude. However, meeting the expectations is not easy, it requires constant learning and training

– emphasized the dean.

At Saturday’s ceremony, 90 Hungarian and 69 foreign candidates who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Debrecen took their oaths and received their diplomas after their inauguration.

We, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Debrecen and the Senate, by virtue of our authority bound to our position, today, as a reward for your studies, inaugurate you as a doctor of medicine and grant you all the rights and privileges that are due to doctors of medicine by virtue of the law

– said Academic Vice-Chancellor László Csernoch.

Students and teachers were also awarded at the ceremony. Eleven recently graduated students received DETEP certificates in recognition of their work in the university’s Gifted Care Program (Lajos Máté Kulcsár, Vivien Lénárt, Balázs Miltényi-Szabó, Enikő Székelyhidi Virág, Timmer Bálint, Ákos Virga, Duong Vo Nhu Y, Jacob Chris Mariam, Osemeke Mary Ogorchukwu, Prakash Ashima, Shimo Yunosho).

Beáta Lontay, associate professor of the Institute of Medical Chemistry, Dezső Tóth, director of the Department of Surgery, and Zoltán Szentkereszty, specialist of the Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Clinic, received the Outstanding Lecturer of the Faculty of General Medicine award.

In recognition of his outstanding activity as head of the department at the Department of Neurosurgery, the faculty awarded Professor László Bognár the Pro Facultate award.

In recognition of her outstanding work as a teacher and researcher, the faculty awarded Katalin Tóth with the honorary title of associate professor.

Four newly inaugurated doctors of medicine were able to receive the DEHÖK Presidential Certificate of Recognition for their professional and public activities at the University of Debrecen (Jacob Chris Mariam, Kakish Diala Ra’Ed Kamal, Pathan Afrin Javed, Shimo Yunosho).


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