Sauna Programs between 8 May and 14 May, 2023.


Sauna Masters:

  • Monday, 8th May: Éva Boldog, Sándor Végh, Tímea Kovács
  • Tuesday, 9th May: Katalin Szatmári, Erik Békési
  • Wednesday, 10th May: Balázs Fejes, András Botos
  • Thursday, 11th May: Aelxandra Cseke, Kinga Szalai
  • Friday, 12th May: Alexandra Cseke, Sándor Fazekas
  • Saturday, 13th May: András Botos, Erik Békési
  • Sunday, 14th May: András Botos, Katalin Szathmári


Monday – Friday Programs (600 HUF/program/person) Intensity
18:00 Master sauna Soothing aromas – peeling
18:40 Master sauna Refresh program
19:20 Master sauna Good night! ♦♦


Saturday – Sunday Programs (600 HUF/program/person) Intensity
16:00 Master sauna Soothing aromas – peeling
17:00 Master sauna Aromatic relaxation
18:00 Master sauna Refresh program ♦♦
19:00 Master sauna Good night! ♦♦♦

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