Baby tigers were born in Debrecen


Shortly after the birth of the first tiger cub of Debrecen back in April, Rose, the mother gave birth again to twin tiger cubs at the Night of the Zoo.

Fortunately, and finally, the second-time mom, Rose’s maternal instincts did kick in from the birth of the cubs and she became a very good and protecting mother. The boy and the girl is yet to be named.

The parents of the baby tiger, Mishka (Zoo African Safari) and Rose (Port Lympne Reserve) arrived in 2014 within this programme and they quickly fell in love.

There are only 3600 tigers in the World, half of them are living in Zoos and Wildlife sanctuaries. Debrecen Zoo & Amusement Park has been keeping the largest cat species of the World, the Amur tiger subspecies since 1973. This subspecies along with the Sumatran tiger ssp. are involved in the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria’s (EAZA) European Endangered Species Programme (EEP).

Now with the 7 weeks old cubs, the European population of the Amur tigers is exceeding 300 specimens and we are a step forward to secure the future of this magnificent species.

The curious babies welcomes visitors from now on, every day at the Tiger Exhibit.

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