Support of 300 Million Given to Hungarian Startup


BOOKR Kids – the Hungarian startup which revolutionized reading tales to children – will get a total of 314 million HuF support from the state-owned Hiventures Risk Capital Fund Management.The 3-year-old startup develops interactive books and applications for kids, publishers, companies and educational institutions. They digitalize traditional paperback children’s books in a unique way and offer a completely new format for IP (copyright) owners.

The ultimate goal of BOOKR Kids is to build a bridge between books and the digital world and to make the screen a natural part of literature and life. From September, 2018 BOOKR Kids will be present in the Hungarian elementary schools with their special pedagogical-methodological package.

The dynamically developing Hungarian startup has already completed last year’s revenue, and their annual plan is to reach 500,000 euros (160 million HuF). Due to the support of 314 million HuF they receive from Hiventures Risk Capital Fund Management, the company – now present in five countries – plans a further international expansion. They already have partners in China and Norway.

The whole article can be read on the website of Forbes magazine (in Hungarian).



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