House and Flat Prices in Debrecen May Increase by 20-30% Due to BMW Factory


According to Nándor Mester, senior analyst of Otthontérkép Group, house and flat prices may rise by 20-30 or even 40 percent in Debrecen within 3 or 4 years, when the production in the new BMW factory really starts.He said that this might be because new professionals would arrive to the city with their families, and they need accommodation, they want their children to go to good schools, and this will lead to a rapid rise of house and flat prices.

In the other two Hungarian cities, where there are car factories (Győr and Kecskemét), nearly every sub sector of the real estate sector has been developing dynamically, perhaps the hotel market not so much, but the industrial and commercial real estate (business premises, business centers) and the land and housing market have also developed. This is what Debrecen is counting on in the near future.

In Debrecen, there are three major residential developments already, one is almost finished, and the other two will provide 350 newly-built homes within a year and a half.


Iris Properties

Debrecen, Csapó utca

15 m2 garage for rent
25 000 Ft

Debrecen, Eötvös utca

165 m2 flat for sale
73 000 000 Ft

Debrecen, Maróthi György utca

157 m2 flat for sale
69 000 000 Ft

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