Four Youngsters’ Road Trip to Scandinavia in a Trabant


Four youngsters from Debrecen decided to go on a great trip to Scandinavia traveling by Trabant cars. They plan to start their journey in July, 2018.According to their plans, they will travel in two Trabant cars and they want to visit twelve countries during their way to the farthest point of their journey which is about 500 km to the north from the city of Rovaniemi.

They have been planning the trip for almost three years and the four young people decided to start their journey in July, 2018. There will be a great farewell party on the 28th of July in Roncs Bar, Debrecen to celebrate their journey. They will also make a special Trabant Road Movie during the trip which can be followed on YouTube.


Bella, Barbi, Peti and Maki are looking for sponsors to support their journey to Scandinavia, and all the money that they will not use during their trip will be donated to a charity organization in Debrecen after their great adventure.

You can read about the four young travelers and their plans on their website.

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