Budapest Airport Refused Flights Last Night


Due to technical problems, Budapest Airport refused all the landing flights last night (7th of June). A total of 14  flights did not arrive in Budapest last night, the airplanes landed in Vienna, Bratislava and Debrecen, instead.Budapest Airport did not inform the passengers on their website or Facebook page about the serious problems that occurred last night (7th of June). They gave information about the delays and refused flights only at about 7:00 am in the morning (8th of June).

Due to some technical problems, Budapest Airport could not accept landing flights last night between midnight and 6:00 am. Last night’s flights from London, Madrid, Larnaka, Tel Aviv, Mazaraja, Barcelona and Bristol could not land in Budapest, they had to land in Vienna, Bratislava and Debrecen, instead. Furthermore, several morning flights – including Wizz Air flights to London, Milan, Barcelona, St. Petersburg, and Brussels Airlines’s flight to Brussels – had to be canceled.

According to the available information, a runway has been damaged at Budapest Airport yesterday at about 11:30 pm.



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