Cell-Cup 2018 Veszprém – 22nd International Handball Festival


One of the biggest handball tournament in Europe takes place in Hungary, Veszprém between the 12th and 18th of August.Date: 12th – 18th of August

Venue: Veszprém, Hungary

Program: 22nd Cell-Cup Handball Festival in Veszprém. Handball teams of different age groups are invited and encouraged to participate at one of the largest handball tournament of Europe. Cell-Cup celebrates an over 21 years long history of successful tournaments. It is also our tradition to reach beyond the usual boundaries of a sporting event and make Cell-Cup a real festival, where various cultural and recreational programs complete the experience. As a result, more than 120 teams from all around the world visit Cell-Cup every year, many of them as returning guests.

Source and more information about the program: www.cellcup.hu