Dr. Sándor Zoltán Varga Received Széchenyi Prize


Professor of biology, dr. Zoltán Varga received Széchenyi Prize on the occasion of 15th March.János Áder, President of the Republic of Hungary, on the occasion of 15th March, awarded dr. Zoltán Sándor Varga a Széchenyi Prize.

Dr. Zoltán Varga, professor emeritus at the Department of Evolutionary Zoology and Human Biology at the Department of Biology and Ecology of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Debrecen received the Szécheny Prize due to his great scientific work including the introduction of molecular phylogenetics in Hungary and his research on the history of Eurasian mountain life, as well as his zoological research of national parks and protected areas, and his decisive activity in the field of international nature conversation ecology.

Source: www.debreceninap.hu

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