Money Collected at International Food Day Donated to Children with Leukemia


The International Student Union in Debrecen and those foreign students who are members of the Student Union of the University of Debrecen support the Pediatric Institute with a great amount of money again.The International Student Union has been organizing the International Food Day program for many years. This year, students from twenty countries presented the national dishes of their homeland. At the event, students of different cultures could get acquainted showing each other their national food and habits. They also collected money to support sick children: from the money they had collected at the International Food Day the organizers offered 545,800 forints to support children with leukemia.

The check – representing their support – will be donated to the Foundation for Children with Leukemia at a press conference today (16th of May).

At today’s press conference Csongor Kiss (Foundation for Children with Leukemia), Said Ahmad Mohamed (Chairperson for Foreign Students), Mahul Patel (President of the International Student Union in Debrecen – ÁOK) and Jude ElSaygh (Vice President of the International Student Union in Debrecen – ÁOK) are going to participate.

Source: press release

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