FEBS Europhosphatase conference at the university


The “FEBS Europhosphatase 2019: From molecular mechanism to system-wide responses” conference is to be organized at the University of Debrecen between 11 and 16 June 2019.

International experts of protein research and outstanding researchers of cancer will participate at the 6-day-long event that is about to be held at the Life Science Building of the University of Debrecen.

From molecular mechanism to system-wide responses:

The phosphorylation level of proteins is balanced by the activities of protein kinases and phosphatases, which are integral components in many signal transduction pathways. The principal aim of the meeting is to gather the leaders of these separate fields and to provide a synthesis of ongoing cutting-edge science to young investigators and students. Specific themes include the structure, function, and physiological importance of protein phosphatases, with special emphases on the most recent approaches of innovative therapeutic targeting of protein phosphatases in human diseases.


Source: sebbm.es, unideb.hu

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