The City of Debrecen’s Annual Ball


Annual ball of the city of Debrecen took place on Saturday (21st of January) in Kölcsey Conference and Cultural Centre.Income of the city’s annual ball, that was held on Saturday in Kölcsey Conference and Cultural Centre, will cover the renovation expenses of the church on Árpád square.

Local authorities decided to spend the money on renovating the church on Árpád square since 2017 is the 500th anniversary of Reformation.

László Papp, mayor of Debrecen, Zoltán Szilvássy, rector of the University of Debrecen and Ferenc Miklóssy, head of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hajdú-Bihar county had speeches at the event. Graduates of various local secondary schools and students of the University of Debrecen performed a spectacular show at the beginning of the ball.




Guests of the ball paid tribute to the victims of the tragic bus accident that happened in Italy last Friday killing sixteen Hungarian teenagers.


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