From Duke Ellington to the Great Gatsby


MODEM Gallery is organizing a special event on art deco style emerging in other fields of art.Date: Wednesday 15th of February 5:00 – 6:00 pm

Venue: MODEM Gallery (1. Baltazár Dezső square)

Programme: From Duke Ellington to the Great Gatsby at MODEM Gallery.

What are the main characteristics of art deco? Why did people think that it was the style of luxury and high living standards? Why is it so fashionable nowadays again?

Gábor Bellák art historian is looking for the answers to the above mentioned questions at a special event organized by MODEM Gallery on Wednesday 15th of February. His lecture will be about various forms and types of art deco sytle from jazz bars to industrial design.

The lecture of Gábor Bellák will be an accompanying event of a display by István Sajó art deco architect.

Tickets are 400 HuF.


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