Philosopher Ágnes Heller Died at 90


On Friday (19th of July), Ágnes Heller philosopher and academic has died at the age of 90.

According to the available information, last Friday, the well-known Hungarian philosopher, Ágnes Heller went swimming to Lake Balaton, near the town of Balatonalmádi, her friends were waiting for her on the shore, but she never returned.

Ágnes Heller was born in Budapest, in 1929 into a Jewish family. Her father was a lawyer who wanted her to become a philosopher from the very beginning. She managed to survive the horrible years during WWII, and after the war she finished secondary school and become a university student in the Hungarian capital at the Faculty of Hungarian Literature and Philosophy. She graduated in 1951.

She started her career in the 1950s and led many researches at several universities. Ágnes Heller was the leader of a number of exhibition tours at MODEM, Debrecen.


Photo: MIT/Ferenc Kálmándy

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