Go Go 70s / 고고70 – In Apollo Cinema


Korean movie screening with Hungarian subtitles in Apollo Cinema.

Date: Thursday (29th of August) 5:30 pm

Venue: Apollo cinema, Debrecen (1. Miklós street)

Program: Movie screening in Korean language with Hungarian subtitles.

Go Go 70s / 고고70
film, 118 minutes, 2008

South Korea in the 1970s was in the Dark Ages of Park Chung-hee’s military dictatorship, but it was also an era of revolutionary upheaval with regards to culture. After wandering the shabby clubs of a U.S. military base, vocalist Sang-kyu and guitarist Man-sik form the indie rock band The Devils with four other members. After entering a rock band contest and making a strong impression with their shocking yet entertaining performance, The Devils achieve stardom and begin playing at a club called Nirvana.


Source: www.wikipedia.org

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