Renovation Proceeds as Scheduled in Csokonai Theatre


On 27 November 2020, László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen joined by Péter Gemza, Director of Csokonai Theatre and by Vice Mayor István Puskás, inspected the renovation work that began in the building of Csokonai Theatre this September.


As László Papp pointed out at the construction site: „it is a special feeling to be in this monument building of historic importance and see the processes of renovation. In a certain sense, we are making history, as what is being renewed here – respecting the traditions of the place – will determine the operation of this theatre and the way of acting here for the next decades or even the next hundred years”. Currently, two theatres – Latinovits Theatre and Csokonai Theatre – are undergoing development in Debrecen at the same time. Demolition work is on the way until the end of February 2021 in Csokonai Theatre. As the visualisation and animated videos have already illustrated, the renewed theatre will have a new and much more impressive reception area than before, and a new staircase will lead to the auditorium.   There will be no columns on the balconies of the auditorium that would obstruct the view of the stage – these will be preserved by the city as monumental objects -, so the number of seats that offer a full view of the performance will almost double.


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