Assistance to a Fire-Damaged Family

Local News

On 24 November 2020, Éva Rózsahegyi Juhász, Chair of the Debrecen Charity Board, Vice Mayor Diána Széles, who is also the Co-Chair of the Board, and Vice Mayor Lajos Barcsa visited a family whose home was damaged by fire in Debrecen.


The roof structure of a terraced house caught fire and with it the upper floor of the apartment was ruined in Debrecen on 18 November 2020. The home of the couple who live there with their two children became uninhabitable. The relatives of the family – whose members all have hearing disabilities –  have initiated fundraising to help them. At the same time, the Debrecen Charity Board and the municipality both hurried to provide them assistance, just like they had helped – on several occasions – local people who got in similar situations over the last years.

As it was stated by Vice Mayor Diána Széles, Co-Chair of the Debrecen Charity Board: this year it has already been the sixth fire in the city whose subjects have been assisted by the board, as soon as it received news of the accident. Their colleagues got in contact with the family right away, and asked them if they needed immediate care or placement. The municipality has secured them a one-off financial support, and has offered its help in document administration and in transporting the waste, whereas the Charity Board has given preserved food for the family.


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