Kersko in Debrecen – Viktor Löki’s Photo Exhibition About the Inhabitants of Greenbelt in Debrecen


A unique photo exhibition has been opened yesterday in Debrecen, B24 Gallery.


“There were hens sitting around him, and he was scattering seeds in front of them. I’m saying: It’s beautiful here, isn’t it? And he nodded and said, Sure, but you’re not from here, are you? ” – The dialogue between Viktor Löki and the subject of one of his portraits could have taken place while the biologist-photographer was looking for a topic in one of the gardens in Debrecen.

However, the sentences quoted come from Bohumil Hrabal, whose stories were also inspired by everyday life, the narrower and wider environment (Prague, Kersko). In Kersko’s short stories, he depicted the seemingly simple lives of the inhabitants of the suburbs by no means uneventful. He talked to the characters of his stories, and then his writings, full of absurd and surreal elements, were born from the conversations and observations. He highlighted that enigmatic things could happen to anyone that they could lift from reality.

Behind Viktor’s photo portraits, there are also his own dialogues. For the inhabitants of the green areas not only get a lens, but also a little time in their company: who lets them into the yard, who answers the curious questions over the fence: “Good day, can I ask what they are planting? – Good afternoon. Sweet Williams. – And why that? – Because you have to deal with it a little, you have to dig a little. “But the potatoes, for example, have to be hoeed, and I see them.” “Okay, so there’s a little of that.” Here, in this foil, for example, there is only pepper, here is also kohlrabi. He looks old, but really fresh, young. – I love turnips. I cut up at home, salt, and eat like that. – Do you want one? – Yes, I do. – Here you go. Don’t you have a knife? – No, I don’t usually bring it with me. “Why you don’t have a knife?” Very normal person carries a knife. ” – this is how a dialogue takes place in one of the courtyards of the András Bayk garden, Debrecen. This direct personality may be one of the reasons why Viktor Löki, like Hrabal, makes a sweet-sad moment in lowercase life very lovable.

The exhibition was opened by Árpád Burai.

Viktor Löki’s photographs can be seen in B24 Gallery, Debrecen (24. Batthyány street) until 12th December.


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