Andrea Bocelli’s son Matteo performs for the first time in Hungary at the Orvényesvölgy Festival


A real sensation! The successful and talented Matteo Bocelli, the son of the world-famous tenor Andrea Bocelli, will give his first Hungarian concert on the stage of the Zala festival in the forest background on Saturday evening, June 29, 2024, with a symphony orchestra. The Orvényesvölgy Festival, June 28-30, 2024. is held for three days in Zalacsány.

The 25-year-old singer/songwriter Matteo Bocelli has already performed in the world’s most prestigious concert venues, appearing in New York’s Madison Square Garden, the Sydney and Dubai Opera Houses, and even singing in the White House. As the son of world star Andrea Bocelli, Matteo received an exceptional musical education and he often performs with his father. His talent can also be seen in his solo album released in 2023 on Capitol Records.

Matteo started playing the piano at the age of six, and at the age of 18, he performed for the first time on stage: he sang Verdi in the Colosseum in Rome. In 2018, she and her father released the emotional duet “Fall on Me” about the relationship between parent and child. The song became one of the theme songs of the Disney film “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” and has now reached more than 400 million downloads worldwide.

In his teens, Matteo turned to modern pop, most of all the up-and-coming singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. In 2023, they worked together on Matteo’s first LP. He wrote his sweeping ballad “Chasing Stars” for Ed Sheeran, in which a father-son relationship shows the importance of taking responsibility for yourself.

“This concert is of particular importance to us, we have been working on its implementation for almost 2 years,” says Tamás Badacsonyi, festival director. “Matteo’s management represents the world’s most famous performers, including stars such as Madonna, McCartney, Minaj, or Miley. We were surprised by the interest and openness with which our inquiry was received back in 2022. We had a basis for comparison, since in the course of organizing the program of a festival, we contacted “unreachable” world stars who filled arenas in several cases, and in many cases, communication with us was cut short. Matteo and his team were probably caught by the magic of the venue, this natural arena can rival any big city concert hall and is great in its simple honesty”

The location of the Orvényesvölgy Festival is a 20-hectare family estate in the hills of Zala, in a stunning natural environment. “The inspiration for creating the stages came from a concert experience we had in 2010. Among the Tuscan hills in Lajatico, Andrea Bocelli and his friends built a stage with a unique atmosphere. The site is surrounded by fields, there is no built infrastructure in its surroundings, only nature and silence. It was a defining experience to hear world stars “in the middle of nowhere” under the open sky. All this gave a strong incentive. We thought that if this was possible in Tuscany, it could even be possible on the edge of the forest in a small village in Zala,” said Tamás Badacsonyi. This is how the Orvényesvölgy Festival started, and since then, several world stars have visited the “garden”, including the multiple Grammy award winners Al di Meola, Candy Dulfer and the Gipsy Kings.

“At the first concert in Hungary, we faced a special challenge with Matteo’s team. He is currently performing with a 4-piece orchestra on major stages around the world, but at the Hungarian concert, we decided that he will perform with a symphonic orchestra. Professionally, this is a particularly nice task, and besides, it is an amazing challenge in the open air. But that’s how this concert will be special and unique among the world tour!”

The singer’s European concerts announced in January were sold out in a few days. Due to the expected high domestic interest, the Orvényesvölgy Festival will start selling day tickets as early as February, now at a discounted advance price. New in 2024, tickets for pensioners over the age of 65 and students under the age of 25 are offered at a significant discount compared to our normal tickets. And children under the age of 12 are still welcome for free when accompanied by an adult.

In 2024, in addition to numerous domestic performers, four foreign star guests are expected to arrive in Zalacsány, including the greatest of jazz, soul and blues. Morris Madrone from Los Angeles and Steffen Morrison from the Netherlands have already been announced. Literary programs, e-bike tours, a puppet theater, children’s crafts, and archaeological excavations await visitors.

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