The City of Debrecen’s Budget – 2020


The budget for 2020 guarantees that Debrecen shall be the most dynamically developing city of Hungary this year again.

It is highly development-oriented, rationally planned, therefore stable and balanced. Development, stability, security: this triad characterises the new budget – said Mayor László Papp at the press conference presenting the main budget figures on 6 February 2020.

The year 2020 carries on the investment processes from the previous year with a focus on allocating significant resources to the development of the city centre, residential as well as garden districts – along the principles of horizontal development policy –, in addition to the major urban developments, among them the industrial park developments, water park or theatre developments. Furthermore, transport development remains a priority area as in previous years, which program includes the development of not only urban roads but the state road network as well, and also cultural investments.


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