COVID-19 and the impact and implications for the way people live and work across Europe and the globe


The outbreak of the Coronavirus COVID-19 across the globe is without precedent and has shaken people and societies at all levels. It is set to have a profound impact, with far-reaching implications for the way people live and work across Europe and the globe.

Short-term effects, such as massive job losses in particular sectors, the application of reduced working hours and other measures to safeguard against redundancies, are already in place. Furthermore, there has been an immediate increase in the take-up of telework and other e-services. At this juncture, however, it remains impossible to predict the long-term impact of this crisis on citizens and their families, countries and societies.

Eurofound’s Executive Director Juan Menéndez-Valdés reacts to the crisis and reflects on the impact it will have on the work and lives of Europeans, and people beyond Europe. He outlines the role of Eurofound, as he foresees it, in the aftermath of this crisis in responding to the critical information needs of policymakers.

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