LMP Proposal to Protect Local Councils Against Suspension of Business Tax


Opposition LMP will submit a bill to parliament to support local councils, which the party said “would collapse” if the government went through with the planned suspension of the local business tax.


Speaking at a press conference, party group leader László Lóránt Keresztes noted a proposal by the chamber of commerce and industry on scrapping local business tax, a source of revenue for local authorities. Keresztes insisted that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s “certain speeches” had confirmed the government’s intention to act on the plan. Due to cuts to their funding, local councils are already struggling to provide basic services such as road maintenance, lighting and drinking water, he said.

LMP’s bill defines the duties of local councils during a pandemic and obliges the government to provide funding, Keresztes said. It also calls on the government to withdraw restrictions already affecting local councils, he added. Keresztes said the party had consulted 130 local mayors. Even mayors of ruling Fidesz rejected the chamber’s proposal, he said.




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