Hungarian Chef as Head of Jury at European Selection of Bocuse d’Or


Tamás Széll Hungarian chef leads the jury at the European selection of Bocuse d’Or in Torino in June, 2018.The jury will have fourteen members, there will be Jerome Bocuse the son of the competition’s founder, Enrico Crippa who is the current head of the competition and Carlo Cracco star chef from Italy among them.

Tamás Széll was the first Hungarian chef to win the European selection of Bocuse d’Or in 2016. Then, in 2017 in the world final in Lyon, he got the fourth place.

This will be the first time when the Bocuse d’Or chef competition will take place in Italy. In Torino, there will be twenty European chefs competing for the first prize between the 10th and 12th of June. Hungary will be represented by the 25-year-old chef Adam Pohner.



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