People under the age of 18 may be banned from buying and consuming energy drinks in Hungary


István Hollik and Lőrinc Nacsa, two representatives of the governing party group association, propose a ban on the purchase and consumption of energy drinks under the age of 18.

“We are both fathers of three children, so child protection for us is not only a political task but also a parental duty,” said István Hollik (KDNP). He added: that they clearly see the dangers lurking for children, one of which is the daily consumption of energy drinks.

He mentioned: that in the past four years, the ambulance service treated an average of 100 cases per year of children under the age of 18 due to the consumption of energy drinks. This makes it absolutely clear that consuming the products in this age group poses a health risk, he said.

His faction partner, Lőrinc Nacsa, reminded us that a year ago in Hatvan, a 14-year-old boy who had been drinking energy drinks died of cardiac arrest at school. The teachers report that it is common for “children to fall asleep in class around 10-11 o’clock” because that’s when the effect of the energy drinks consumed before the start of school wears off.

“So it’s clear that we have to take action in this case,” declared Lőrinc Nacsa, arguing for a classification similar to alcohol products.