Anne Heche Dies at 53


American actress Anne Heche, who suffered such a severe brain injury in a car accident last week that her life could not be saved, has died.


She was kept alive with machines only until it was decided what would happen to her healthy organs. The death of the actress was announced by a friend, Nancy Davis, on Twitter.


In addition to her brain injury, the 53-year-old Hollywood star was severely burned and her lungs were significantly damaged. She was kept alive by machines only so that, in accordance with her wishes, in the event of her death, her healthy organs would help others.

Anne Heche suffered a serious car accident in Los Angeles last Friday and has been in a coma ever since. She first ran her car into a garage and later crashed into the wall of a house at high speed, causing a fire and significant damage. The Los Angeles police launched an investigation because drugs were detected in the actress’ blood. The detailed toxicology report is expected to be completed in a week.

Anne Heche appeared in many films in the 1990s, including Six Days, Seven Nights and Under The Name: Donnie Brasco.

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