Hungary, Iran Working on Cooperation

Hungary and Iran are working on developing economic cooperation in line with the policy of common sense and a pragmatism, the foreign minister has said.

This could contribute to Tehran returning to a peaceful coexistence in the international community, Péter Szijjártó told a press conference after the second meeting of the Hungary-Iran economic mixed committee in 2022. Tuesday’s missile incident in Poland “finally forced everyone to realise that it would be best for the whole world if as many conflicts as possible could be ended” he said. “This requires common sense and a pragmatic approach. We apply a policy of common sense and pragmatism when working on developing economic cooperation between Hungary and Iran,” he said. “We’d like Iran to be able to return as soon as possible to the system of peaceful coexistence within the international community, and considering that the global economy is facing serious challenges, we believe that [economic cooperation] could be a first stage in this return,” he added. Participants at the meeting reviewed the possibilities for developing economic cooperation. Fully 96 companies from Hungary and Iran were represented at a business forum held parallel with the meeting.


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