LA Artist Reflects on the Mass Shootings in California and America


LA artist Robert Mack released his latest art piece which draws attention to the tragic events of the past few days in California.

Already 74 people died and 169 were injured in American mass shootings in 2023 – three of the incidents happened in California. On January 16th six members of a family died in an attack including a teenage mother and a six-month-old baby. On the 20th of January 11, people died and 9 were wounded when a 72 years old Asian man entered into a ballroom on a Lunar New Year celebration and opened fire. On the 23rd an agricultural worker killed seven people, who were might be coworkers of him.

Californian artist Robert Mac felt he could not leave the cases without comment.  In his minimalistic art piece, he uses two strong symbols that draw attention to the tragic fact that preoccupies the American public on a daily basis – the mass armed attacks all over the United States.

Critically acclaimed Robert Mack’s collectible fine artwork has been shown at galleries in the United States and in Europe, most notably receiving major exhibitions at the Baltimore Museum of Art and at the Reiss-Engelhorn Museum in Germany.  This large-scale painting titled ASSUALT is from his ANXIETY SERIES where his artwork addresses such issues as gun violence, global warming and mental illness.

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