New procedure for treating high blood pressure

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The first successful medical intervention has been carried out in the MHSC Institute of Cardiology on hypertensive patients who could not have been cured with conventional medication.

Head of the Institute István Édes said that by using this effective procedure, the risk of hypertension-related conditions like heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney and heart failure can be reduced significantly. The professor added that renal nerve ablation effectively abates high blood pressure. The new procedure has already been introduced in the largest medical centers in Europe. A successful operation significantly improves the patient’s quality of life and reduces drug costs.

During this effective and safe intervention, the renal nerve is ablated with a radiofrequency catheter. The intervention is done in catheter laboratories, with local anesthesia, by piercing the femoral artery. The operation is followed by a 24-hour hospital observation. The chance of having complications is as much as in the case of any other catheter interventions. The operation can be carried out successfully on patients whose blood pressure cannot be lowered to an acceptable level even by using three or more antihypertensive medicines. But it is important that there is no constriction on the patient’s renal artery and that the renal functions are good. Diabetes type 1 is also an excluding factor.


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